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5 Reasons to Buy Solar Panels

A 2014 report from the Solar Energy Industries Association showed that to date, over 600,000 American homes have acquired solar panels. While the market for solar is growing, and the benefits are clear, buying vs. leasing of solar panels remains one of the most difficult decisions facing homeowners.

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The Green Governor of New Jersey

Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s policies spell a bright future ahead for Solar Energy in New Jersey. Phil Murphy won Tuesday’s Gubernatorial election as expected – but the biggest winners prove to be renewable energy homeowners, consumers, jobseekers and businesses.

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Benefits Of Solar Energy To The Environment

Saving money and doing good for planet Earth rank high on everyone’s to-do list. Going solar helps you achieve both. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. The world is still dependent on fossil fuels as the most common energy source.

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Tesla Solar Roof : The Rolls Royce of Rooftops

Tesla has been on everyone’s mind since they announced their uber-sleek solar roof tiles this summer, before rolling out to the rest of the country. The Tesla Solar Roof tiles are designed to replace traditional roofing tiles. They will featured embedded solar panels within a certain percentage of the tiles

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