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At Aquantum Solar, we simplify solar energy for our customers.

We’re a solar installation company with over 20 years’ experience in the home improvement, contracting and project management areas. Since 2010, we’ve focused on both commercial and residential solar panel installation.

Our experts thrive on creating customized solar solutions for our clients, each of who’s needs are unique. From rooftop and carport systems to ground mounted solar panel systems, our painstaking attention to detail ensures each and every project moves as smoothly and swiftly as possible. What sets us apart is our full-service approach, ensuring that the post signing experience is hassle-free for our customers.

Go Solar and Earn a Steady Income

Save on utilities and lessen your carbon footprint

Our Services

Our solar solutions make it easy for you to access the benefits of solar energy. With us, you can choose from a range of solar panels, inverters and warranty plans. Our systems are clean, green and completely customizable.

Residential Solar

Aquantum Solar helps homeowners in New Jersey and Massachusetts to power their savings with solar panels for home. We analyze our clients’ electric usage, use industry-leading satellite technology to assess the environmental factors of their home, and design a custom home solar power system to meet their unique needs.

Commercial Solar

Aquantum helps a numerous businesses go green with commercial solar installation. From self-storages, laundromats to dairy farms, Aquantum has helped transform a variety of businesses in New Jersey and Massachusetts into sustainable role models.


Work with the Experts

Let us do the research for you. Our first-hand knowledge of the various solar panels in the marketplace guides us in choosing the right solar panels and inverters for our customers – saving them time and energy

Solar Panels are Affordable

We bring down the solar panel cost of your property – creating a system that offsets your monthly bill, and pays for itself. Typically the solar panel cost can be recovered in 5-6 years, along with a 90% offset on electric bill. Add 30% federal solar tax credit, and it’s never been a better time to invest in a solar panel system and cash in on the savings.

Local Presence

From taking care of all the local municipal, conservation energy and utility paperwork and permitting needed for you to start using your solar panels, to prompt responses for after sales service – our local offices in New Jersey and Massachusetts have you covered.


We have a long and fruitful business association with all our clients and this is what some of them had to say about our services.

Aquantum Solar educated us on various alternatives, the aesthetics and costs of various panels, and suggested the best route for us to go clean and green while still getting a good return on our investment. I have to say that their workmanship is of great quality – and, they clean the place everyday after work, and were in and out in no time. What I really liked about Aquantum was that they never tried selling more panels just because we had the roof space to fit them but they sold us what we needed and made sense.
It has been 3 years now since we had the system installed and looking back I would say that it was indeed a wise decision.


Energy Investor, Montgomery, New Jersey

What started out as a project which was going to cost us for going green turned out to be a revenue generator.The insight, the assurance, the high level of professionalism prior, during, and after the installation by Aquantum were tremendous. My family and I are pleased with the results both on a positive environmentally friendly level and an economic savings level! Now our neighbors are hearing about Aquantum from us and we see more installations every other week.
Cheers to going green and saving green!


Realtor, Allendale, New Jersey

Solar Blogs

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5 Reasons to Buy Solar Panels

A 2014 report from the Solar Energy Industries Association showed that to date, over 600,000 American homes have acquired solar panels. While the market for solar is growing, and the benefits are clear, buying vs. leasing of solar panels remains one of the most difficult decisions facing homeowners.

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Benefits Of Solar Energy To The Environment

Saving money and doing good for planet Earth rank high on everyone’s to-do list. Going solar helps you achieve both. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. The world is still dependent on fossil fuels as the most common energy source.

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Solar FAQs

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community.

How can I tell if my property is a good candidate for solar panels?
The ideal roof for solar panels is one that faces south and is free of shade from 9AM to 3PM. If your roof is oriented to the east or west, it may also be a suitable candidate for solar energy depending on the roof angle, shade, and other factors. We provide an initial assessment by viewing your home or business via satellite imagery, and can set up a site visit with you to discuss solar if your home looks like a good candidate for solar panels.
How big of a solar panel system should I get?
The size of your solar panel system depends on how much electricity you use. For example, two homes that are exactly the same size that use different amounts of electricity will each require a different size home solar power system. We analyze your last 12 months of electrical usage and design a system of solar panels to produce that amount of electricity. However, there are times when a roof is not large enough and a smaller system is designed. High efficiency solar panels are another option for properties with a limited roof space that still need to generate a certain amount of power.
Can I finance the purchase of a solar system for my home?
There is a 30% federal solar tax credit that you earn when you purchase a solar panel system. Some states such as NJ and MA offer incentives to the owner of a solar panel system in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits(SRECs) which help offset the cost of the system. Apart from this amount, solar energy systems are often financed as part of a home equity loan as the interest on the loan is tax deductible. Some utility companies offer loans for covering the cost of a new solar system. Please check with your utility company if this is an option for you.