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We simplify solar energy for our customers

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Residential solar

We cater to the unique needs of residential solar projects


Going Solar Has Never Been Easier

Our NABCEP-certified experts thrive on designing affordable and effective solar panel systems

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Invest In The Future

Go solar and earn a steady income, reduce utilities and lessen your carbon footprint

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About Us

At Aquantum Solar, we simplify solar energy for our customers
We’re a solar integration company with over 20 years’ experience in the home improvement, contracting and project management areas. Since 2010, we have specialized primarily in residential solar projects.
Our team of NABCEP certified experts thrive on creating custom solar solutions for our clients, each of who’s needs are unique. Our first-hand knowledge of the various brands in the solar marketplace guides us in choosing the right panels for our customers, saving them time and energy.

How We Work

We design an energy system around your needs

Our first step is viewing your home via satellite imagery to determine if the orientation and pitch of the roofs in your …

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Financial Savings

Payback periods of 5 to 7 years are typical

The environmental benefit is reason enough go¬†solar – however, with the combination of electric savings, rebates, tax credits …

Saving and Earning

What Should I Be Looking For?

Factors to consider when deciding to go solar

How do I know which company is right for me? What size solar system do I need? Answers to (most of) your questions.


Financing Your System

It’s easier than you think

There’s many options out there for financing your system, from home equity loans to loans from your local utility company

Financing Options